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In 2011, I experimented with writing an anonymous blog called Little Lovely Stars. After about a year and a half, 37 posts and 0 comments, it never amounted to much.

I originally wanted the blog to be a creative space where I could share original writing, graphic design, photos, quotes I loved and anything I deemed beautiful. I wanted several posts to relate to stars, but I also wanted to share what I was learning about life, love and this great, big world. Unfortunately, I was struggling at the time I started posting and several posts in the beginning were gloomy, which was not what I was going for. But when you think no one’s reading, sometimes it’s easier to let out the dark parts of your soul.

My boyfriend (now husband) was the only person who ever knew about the blog and he was my only consistent reader. I don’t know how Little Lovely Stars was visited 680 times, but I imagine there were people who stumbled across the blog somehow, but never came back. I didn’t post regularly enough to have followers. I didn’t advertise anywhere and, to be honest, my posts for the most part weren’t that compelling.

I did like having the secret of being anonymous. It was kind of an open secret on the world wide web. And I did like the whole idea of the blog, though I never managed to make it what I wanted it to be.

So, this year, I’m starting over. I deleted the old blog and created this one. And while it’s not going to be anonymous, the intention behind Little Lovely Stars is still the same: to have a place where I can post about all the things I find beautiful and inspiring. I want a place to share creativity, imagination and inspiration. Some posts will relate to what I feel about the nighttime sky and stars, which are lovely to me, and some posts will be more random. I’ll share the things that are important to me which range from friends and family to good conversations, food, music and breathtaking landscapes.  What I don’t want this space to become is a day-to-day journal … I have another blog for that.

I’m hoping if I have any followers at all, I can create a space for them to come read a well-written, beautiful quote, or see a lovely photo, a new design I’ve put together, or read something from my heart.

I’m working to become a more positive person, so I want this space to be a reminder of the positive things all around me. And I want to share them because I love when others share these things with me. I want to remember that there are always positive things happening all the time, even during the hard times.

One of my favorite quotes I read years ago and ended up planting in a song is, “When it’s dark enough, we see stars.”

Stars are always there even when we can’t seem them. Even when we don’t recognize them. And sometimes it takes darkness for us to fully appreciate them.

I hope to someday be the type of person who has the perspective that little lovely stars are there all the time, in darkness and in light. They are there in the forms of people, laughter, music, art, good writing, the outdoors, moments of adventure and moments of love.

I view myself as a pretty optimistic person, but sometimes I get lost as we all do and forget how blessed I am. With life being so short, I want to limit my negative thoughts as much as I possibly can.

Over the next year, I’m hoping Little Lovely Stars will amount to something this time around. And I’m excited to share this journey with you.

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