it’s like riding a bike

I’ve been mountain biking for a few years now, but I always feel like a beginner. I struggle on the uphills, I am too cautious on the downhills, rocks intimidate me, and I breathe like I’m going to die. Near the beginning of our ride today, I told Travis I felt more like a mountain bike walker than a mountain biker. But then I got going and by the end, I had some decent moments, braved a few bumps and hills, and even felt like I went “fast” a few times … whatever that means for me. And somewhere in there, I thought up this blog post that sounds a lot like those cheesy “Everything I Learned about Life” lists. But I can be pretty cheesy so I’m going with it. Enjoy!

Some Things I’m Learning About Life Can Be Summed Up In a Bike Ride

  1. You have to go at your own pace, but try to challenge that pace.
  2. Scars prove you did something, even if it was something really stupid.
  3. The mountain views are always worth it. Look up, look around, look out.
  4. Life is up and down, fast and slow, hard and fun. Just keep going.
  5. Some people will always be better and faster than you. Some are naturals; others are more experienced. That is OK. Besides, maybe your job is to make everyone else in the world feel good about themselves based on your abilities (at least it will feel like that sometimes).
  6. You will probably throw up here and there, and maybe that is your body telling you “good job for trying, but maybe don’t try so hard today.”
  7. You’re going to fall sometimes, but not every time. Try not to be too hard on yourself.
  8. Take pictures of butterflies – unless that butterfly is at the bottom of a hill and you don’t have enough momentum to get going again. Nobody wants to say they couldn’t make it up a hill because of a butterfly – well, unless that butterfly is really amazing. Then always take a picture of the butterfly! I guess this could go on forever.
  9. You have to be in the moment to have the most control and the most enjoyment – always a good thing.
  10. Try to look beyond the next rock. Picture your finish lines instead of your falls.
  11. Like the Eagles song: “Take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”
  12. It might feel like you’re always starting over. But if you love it, you can start over a zillion times and it will (almost) always feel worth it.
  13. Be with people who challenge you, but who also respect your limits and don’t make you feel stupid for them.
  14. You will get lost sometimes. You’ll find yourself, too. Or your loved ones will find you. Either way, you’ll be alright.