sundays are my mondays


For the last several months, my work week ┬áhas been Sunday through Thursday. It’s actually been a nice schedule having Fridays and Saturdays off. I also work a swing shift, so I’m home during the day. While there are drawbacks to this, there are also positive things. I can get things done and go outside when a lot of people can’t. I can go to the post office while it’s open. I can grocery shop with hardly anyone in the store. I can attend yoga classes, run, hike and swim (weather permitting), all before going to the office.

But one of the million things I’m learning at my job is that nothing is permanent. My schedule is changing next week to Monday through Friday and there’s a good chance it will change again in a couple months. Change is not always something I love – and that’s normal – but it’s definitely a good reminder to look for the good things in everything while they last because everything changes, even if we fight it.

I saw the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote recently and want to follow it. What would my life be like if I believed every day was the best day of the year? Or even better, what would it be like if I treated each day as if it were the last day of my life?

I know life is hard and sometimes cruel, but even on those days, there’s always something to be thankful for. This week, my little lovely stars were breakfast in bed one morning, a two-hour nap on a Saturday, a couple long walks where I attempted to get all my stressful thoughts out, a movie with a good friend, watching the first episode of this season’s “Bachelor,” meeting a few new, nice people for lunch and taking a new graphic design course online.

There is always something good in every day. What were your little lovely stars this week?


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