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I’m here. I promise.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m going to blame it on my wonderful schedule change from the swing shift to mornings. Now I’m gone all day long and have things to do at night. You know, like actually hanging out with my husband. And cooking delicious dinners. And exercising. And ice skating lessons (yay for working on the bucket list!). I can’t complain one bit about having to wake up at 5 a.m. with work and other goals and activities that follow, but I think it has affected my writing time.

I do want to be here, though – in my little space on the web that reminds me to stay inspired, look for the good and write about it. Because let’s face it – there is so much good.

I really do live a charmed life in the blue-sky desert with Travis – yellow cactus flowers blooming across the street, sun-kissed mountains greeting us every sunrise and sunset, and hiking and biking trails just up the road.

Did I just say biking? Well, yes, I did. I’m trying and I’m liking it! Though some of those rocks and hills have me intimidated, I’ll get better.

I don’t have a lot to write today, but I wanted you to know I haven’t disappeared. I have ideas for this blog that will come together soon. But for now, I’m going to leave you with an awesome picture of Saturn taken by our friend Fritz.

Last Saturday, just as Travis and I were winding down to watch “Footloose” on Netflix (because we’re cool enough to watch that movie), our friends invited us over to see Mars and Saturn through their telescope. It was actually a complicated setup that didn’t involve us actually looking through the telescope at all. Instead, the image could be viewed on a computer as the telescope took a series of photos of the planet. Or was the computer taking the photos? All I know for sure is it was very high tech … and really cool.

I’ve seen Saturn at least one other time and there’s something about those rings that catches your breath a little. I know we all see photos of the planet our whole lives, but when we see the honest-to-goodness actual planet with our own eyes, it makes it feel even more real, and just a little bit closer.

Life is all about perspective, you know? Sometimes we know things are real, but they don’t truly feel real until we experience them for ourselves. Knowing and feeling are totally different things, and often feeling is so much better. So, this was Saturn that night, captured by a telescope in front of our eyes. It was definitely real that night, as were the Tootsie Rolls, Airheads, popcorn and Blue Moon. Here’s to warm summer nights coming up. To friends. To that crazy planet with the rings.


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