life in jellybeans


A few weeks ago, Travis showed me the jellybean video below. It’s been viewed more than four million times, so there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it. If not, take a look. It provides an awesome visual explanation of how short life is.

Even if we live as long as the average person, the extra time we have between work, sleep and going to the bathroom is very limited. It’s important to ask ourselves what we’re doing with those precious hours, days and years. Are they spent helping people? Are they spent laughing? Are they spent loving? Are they spent doing the things we’ve always wanted to do, or learning the things we’ve wanted to learn?

My favorite line comes at the end of the video:

“How much time have you already spent worrying, instead of doing something that you love? What if you just had one more day? What are you doing to do today?”

Since it’s the beginning of brand new year, I’m hoping this video can inspire you the way it’s inspired me to make 2014 and beyond the best year(s) because we never know how many jellybeans we have left.

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