a happy song list for wednesday


It’s Wednesday, which is pretty much the longest day of the week if you ask me. My scheduled changed from Sunday through Thursday to Monday through Friday and for some reason, the week seems longer now. Don’t get me wrong, I do like having Saturdays and Sundays off with my husband, and I really liked that I didn’t have to miss this year’s Super Bowl party. But Wednesdays used to feel like the end of the week and now they feel very, very much in the middle of the five-day stretch and they no longer make me as happy as they used to.

So, in case your Wednesday is going about like mine, I’m going to fill you in on my happy song list. On my lunch break tonight, I went outside to move my car into our gated parking lot, and when I turned on the ignition, the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” song came on. It made my day. It always, always does. I belted it all the way around the block. If I’m not currently listening to a book, I’m usually listening to our wedding mix which, yes, has Spice Girls on it. On drives with the wedding mix, I may just listen to that song 10 times in a row some days. Ridiculous, I know.

Or I may listen to these songs over and over:

  • “I’ve Got the Magic in Me,” by B.O.B.
  • “San Francisco” by the Mowgli’s
  • “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy,” by Big & Rich
  • “Goodbye Earl,” by the Dixie Chicks
  • “More Today Than Yesterday,” by Spiral Staircase
  • “Wonderful Day,” by O.A.R.
  • “To Be With You,” by Mr. Big
  • “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Ray Jepsen
  • “Something Like That,” by Tim McGraw
  • “Suds in a Bucket,” by Sara Evans

So, in case you needed a new mix today, or on some other long day, those songs are my suggestions.

Happy Wednesday, all! Let’s all make it to Friday!

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