a global valentine


A guy from Albuquerque decided to surprise his wife for Valentine’s Day by telling some friends he knows around the world to take pictures of signs saying “I love Anne.” Then word spread and he was suddenly getting photos from strangers, too.

He’s since created a Facebook page for his wife and has received photos from more than 40 countries. Signs have been placed in front of the Eiffel tower, the Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House and the pyramids in Egypt. The signs have been written in various languages, hung from trees and held by babies.

I love this story for a few reasons. I obviously love the creativity. I love how this gift makes the world seem small and connected. I love how the husband didn’t have to spend a dime to make his wife feel special. And because I love travel and photos, it just seems like an amazing way to see the world in pictures with love being the theme.

Sometimes social media can just be another distraction. Sometimes it can be negative. But sometimes it can bring people together in creative ways and just might inspire us to spread the love.


Paris France

Photos from the I Love Anne “World Valentine” Facebook page

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